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Pakistan Post Tracking UMS | Track Your Urgent Mail Parcels

Are you waiting for an important mail or package to arrive and need to find it urgently? With Pakistan Post Tracking UMS you can easily keep an eye on your mail every step of the way. Just put your mind at ease and follow the simple steps to trace your article.

We all know Pakistan Post always satisfies its customers when it comes to a wide range of services. One of the best services we can access is called Urgent Mail Service.

How to Trace Urgent Mail Services Parcels with Pakistan Post Tracking UMS?

  1. Check your tracking number from the receipt
  2. Now enter it in the bar below and hit search 🔍
  3. After that paste the ID and get latest update

Entered Tracking Number:


That’s it 🎉.

Sending a Parcel via UMS

If you’re in a hurry to send a package to the same city or domestically anywhere follow the steps I summarize for you:

  1. Pack your item(s) securely in a suitable box or envelope.
  2. Visit a Pakistan Post office.
  3. Affix the appropriate postage based on the calculated rate of the parcel.
  4. Write the receiver and sender addresses on the front and back sequentially.
  5. Book it, and get the receipt for future proofs.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to send a parcel; follow them thoroughly:

1. Pack Your Item(s) Neatly

Start by preparing your item(s) for shipping. Select a suitable box or envelope to prevent any damage during transit. Also, make sure that you have packed it securely. For instance, packing material like bubble wrap or foam is ideal.

2. Visit the Nearest Post Office

After the packaging is done, go to your nearest Post Office along with your parcel.

Tip: If you live near the GPO station of your city, then book your article there. It will reduce the delivery time, as GPOs are the hubs for each.

3. Fill Out a Postal Form

At the front of the parcel, write the receiver’s name, complete address, and phone number. Meanwhile, write your name and return address on the back of it.

4. Choose UMS Service

Now go to the UMS counter and tell the representative to affix the ticket🎫. The rate will be calculated per the destination city and weight of the box.

5. Pay for Shipping Service

Pay for the shipping service, including any applicable postage fees and tax (16%). Keep in mind that taxes vary from province to province.

6. Get Your Receipt

Finally, hand over the parcel to a Post representative for additional processing. They will provide you with a printed receipt🧾 of your records containing all booking information and tracking number.

UMS Rates for Regular Customers

Here are the details about the latest rates:

Service Type Up to 250 grams between 251 grams to 500 grams each additional 0.5 Kg
UMS (Local or Same City) Rs. 51/- Rs. 64/- Rs. 26/-
UMS (City to City) Rs. 86/- Rs. 132/- Rs. 43/-

General Sales Tax is applicable based upon the provinces:

  • Islamabad: 16 %
  • Pakhtunkhwa: 15 %
  • Punjab: 16 %
  • Sindh: 13 %
  • Balochistan: 15 %

Rates for Corporate Customers

Yet, for bulk users, there are no rates mentioned publicly. Interested ones can contact Postal Officers, Deputy Postmasters, or Postmasters General to get quotations.


In conclusion, sending a parcel and tracking via Post is a fun activity that you can perform in a few simple steps. Never compromise on packing material, whether you’re sending a package domestically or internationally. Once done this process you can do Pakistan Post Tracking UMS. Also, always hand your box to a responsible person.


What type of items can I send via UMS?

You can send a variety of items using urgent mail service, including packages, letters, and documents. However, there are restrictions on the type of items that can be sent, such as hazardous materials, animals, and illegal things.

How to track UMS Pakistan Post?

You can track your UMS parcel by visiting the official website and entering the 11-digit tracking number provided at the time of booking.

How much does it cost to send a parcel using the Local UMS service?

The cost of sending a parcel depends upon the weight and destination city. You can see the chart above to calculate the estimated cost.

How long does it take to receive via UMS?

In most cases, if the delivery lies in the same zone. It will be delivered to the addressee on the very next day of booking. Yet, it may take a maximum of 2-3 days in different zones. Finally, same-city deliveries are delivered on the same day of UMS booking.

What should I do if my parcel is lost or damaged during transit?

If your parcel is lost or damaged during transit, you may file a claim with Pakistan Post. To do so, you must provide proof of the value of the item(s) being shipped, a description of the damage, and any other relevant information. They will investigate the claim and determine if any compensation is due.

Can I send a parcel using UMS to Foreign countries?

Unfortunately, you can't send a parcel from Pakistan to other countries using UMS services. There are other services assigned specially for this purpose. You can choose from a range of international shipping services, including airmail and courier services. Moreover, additional documentation, such as a customs declaration form, is required for international shipments.

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