Pakistan Post Corporate Vs. Regular Clients | Rates, Facilities & FAQs

If you’re a customer of Pakistan Post. You should know that they also offer services to every segment and industry that needs postal services. Yet, there’s a difference in corporate rates. The goal is to minimize the delivery cost for bulk clients’ portfolios.

For instance, they’re large organizations, banks, and other service sector departments utilize this service to gain maximum benefits.

On the other hand, regular clients are the individuals who often use postal services to deliver their packages. For instance, a person who wants to send a book parcel to his colleague in another city. He goes to the post office and pays the fee, which is calculated per regular rate.

Corporate Clients

Here is the range of services to corporate clients offered by Pakistan Post:

  • Rent Houses

It provides efficient and cost-effective mailroom solutions for businesses, including mail processing, consolidation, and delivery.

  • Direct Mailing

Secondly, direct mailing services for businesses to reach their customers with targeted and personalized communications.

  • Priority Delivery

This ensures that important mail and parcels are delivered on time. Pak-Post provides priority delivery services for businesses.

  • Financial Services

In order to help businesses manage their finances. National Post offers financial services, including money orders, savings accounts, and other banking services.

  • Customized Solutions

For customized solutions to meet the specific needs of corporate clients. They also offer special handling and delivery services. Including pick-up and delivery schedules with secure storage solutions. It may include the issuance of NOCs (No Objection Certificates) fir customs declarations, etc.

These services are designed to help businesses streamline their operations. It saves their time and money.

Corporate Clients Rates

The rates for Pakistan Post’s services for corporate clients may vary depending on several factors. Such as the type of service, weight, and size of the mail or parcels, and lastly, the delivery location.

Since they are designed for bulk users, they cost less than regular ones. You can see the chart below or contact me directly for an accurate quote for your needs. Another way to get the quote is to visit the website for more information on their corporate services and pricing.

Registered Letters & VPL

Weight Bulk User Rates
Postage Charges “for Registered” articles VPL
Upto 20gm 30 40
Above— 20 gm up to 50 gm 48 58
Above 50 gm up to 100 gm 60 70
Above 100 gm up to 250 gm 85 95
Above 250 gm up to 500 gm 110 120
Above 500 gm up to 1000 gm 160 170
Above 1000 gm up to 1500 gm 210 220
Above 1500 gm up to 2000 gm 260 270


Tip: Keep in mind that the rates may change occasionally, so it’s best to check for the most up-to-date information.

Regular Clients Pakistan Post

All the services offered to corporate clients are similar to regular customers as well:

  • Domestic Mail

It is sending and receiving mail using delivery services within Pakistan. It includes letter mail, parcels, and direct mail.

As private companies have high charges to send the packages internationally. Pakistan Post solves this issue by providing cost-effective solutions to individuals. With coverage of more than 219 countries worldwide.

Regular Clients Rates

The rates for regular customers don’t include any discount. Although they are already very economical. Usually, rates for domestic mail services are lower than for international mail services.

Registered Letters & VPL

Weight Regular User Rates
Postage Charges “for Registered” articles VPL
Upto 20gm 50 60
Above— 20 gm upto 50 gm 68 78
Above 50 gm upto 100 gm 80 90
Above 100 gm upto 250 gm 105 115
Above 250 gm upto 500 gm 130 140
Above 500 gm upto 1000 gm 180 190
Above 1000 gm upto 1500 gm 230 240
Above 1500 gm upto 2000 gm 280 290


All in all, both corporate and regular customers can benefit from the services offered by Pakistan Post. Corporate clients can take advantage of mailroom solutions, direct mailing, and customized solutions. On the other hand, regular customers can benefit from domestic and international mail services. They can send gifts to family members living far from the senders.


How can I register as a corporate client?

You can download the Customer Registration Form, fill it and submit it at the Post Office. Once you get the approval, you can benefit from the prescribed services.

Can regular customers use financial services?

Yes, regular customers can send/receive, pay bills, and get money orders without issue.

Are the rates for regular customers and corporate clients different?

The rates for Pakistan Post's services for regular and corporate clients depend upon many factors. Such as the type of service, weight, size of parcels, and delivery destination.

How can I send the letter on the same day?

You can register your letter on Urgent Mail Service (UMS) to get it delivered on the same day. But remember, it is available in limited regions only.

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