How to Receive COD Parcel Via Pakistan Post

Receive COD Parcel Via Pakistan Post | Easy, Quick & Safe

Receiving a COD (Cas1h on Delivery) parcel via Pakistan Post is similar to other courier services. The process allows you to get your packets with ease and confidence. Whether you just made an online purchase or someone is sending you a parcel. Even if you’re receiving the Google Adsense Pin in Pakistan. Here I’ll explain how you can receive a COD via Pakistan Post.

Step 1: Delivery Notice

When your parcel arrives at the local Post office, the sender will receive a delivery notice of transit update. In some cases, the receiver will get a notification if you have the tracking number.

Step 2: Prepare for Delivery

Once you get the delivery update, prepare to receive the parcel. For UMS and Registry parcels, the price of shipment is already paid. However, if it is COD or Value Payable items, arrange an amount of cash and pay to the postman.

Step 3: Receive the Parcel

When the postman arrives, you will get the parcel in return for your signature and COD payment. You will be required to pay the amount due in cash, and the postman will hand you a receipt and the actual packet.

Step 4: Check the Package

Once payment is made, you can check the package to make sure that it is what you ordered or expected from the sender. If there are any issues with the product, like damage or missing items, immediately contact the sender with a picture or video as proof.

Step 5: Report Any Issues

In case of any issues with the service, you can report to Pakistan Post and tell them about the postman’s behavior. You can go to the local post office or the helpline 111-111-117.

Step 6: Keep the Receipt Safe

It is vital to keep the receipt in a safe place, as it serves as proof of payment. This can be helpful if you need any resolution or want to lodge a complaint soon.





Fee/ Commission Chargeable

UMO (Local)

Upto Rs. 10,000/- Rs. 135/-

UMO (City to City)

Upto Re 10,000/- Rs. 175/-

UMO (Local)

Upto Rs. 10,001/- to Rs. 20,000/-

Rs. 160/-

UMO (City to City)

Upto Rs. 10,001/- to Rs. 20,000/-

Rs. 200/-

UMO (Local) Above Rs.20,000/- to Rs.50,000/-

Rs. 185/-

UMO (City to City)

Above Rs.20,OOO/- to Rs. 50,000/- Rs. 225/-
UMO (Local) Above Rs.50,000/-to Rs. 100,000/-

Rs. 210/-

UMO (City to City) Above Rs.50,OOO/- to Rs. 100,000/-

Rs. 250/-

Receiving a COD parcel via Pakistan Post is a convenient and secure way to accept packages. By following these steps, you can ensure you receive your parcels safely and without any issues.

Last Words

In conclusion, the process of receiving a COD parcel is easy. Whether you’re getting a gift from a loved one or ordering a product online. You can stay calm with confidence, as is the reliability and security of the Pakistan Post service. Also, with its wide network of post offices and experienced postmen, you can rest assured that your items will reach you safely without any delay.


What are the COD rates at the national postal service?

The rate of a package depends upon the weight and delivery zone. You can see the above chart for specified rates of COD.

What is the maximum value I can send through COD?

One can send a parcel having a maximum amount of Rs. 100,000/-. If it exceeds, the shipper will refuse to book it. To resolve this issue, you can split your parcel into two parts.

Can I get the COD parcel from my local post office?

In a situation when the postman does not find your mentioned address, the local post office holds your item. You can visit, make payment, and get your box.

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