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How to Lodge a Complaint in Pakistan Post For Missed Parcel?

The timely delivery of parcels and mail is not just a convenience but often a necessity. Both individuals and businesses rely on prompt mail services for various reasons. Even from personal connections to crucial business transactions. Therefore, those who use local post are not aware of how to lodge a complaint in Pakistan Post.

This system allows you to overcome unexpected setbacks and report the delays of parcels. Therefore in this article, I’m explaining how to lodge a complaint and track its progress.

2 Methods of Lodging Complaint

There are three common ways to file a complaint in their official customer service department.

1. By visiting the Office

 For those who appreciate the personal touch or seek immediate attention, heading to the nearest Pakistan Post office is a viable option.

  • Direct yourself to the customer service section where trained representatives are ready to assist.
  • Once your complaint is lodged, you’ll be handed a unique complaint tracking number. This number is crucial as it allows you to monitor the progress of your issue’s resolution.

2. Online Through the Pakistan Post Complaints Portal

Digital enthusiasts like me will appreciate the ease of online complaint registration. It can be done in your comfort zone.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Navigate to the official Pakistan Post Complaints portal.

Complaint Lodging steps

  1. Complete the designated form by inputting relevant details.
  2. If necessary, attach related media files to provide a comprehensive view of your concern.
  3. Review your details and then click ‘submit’.

Note: It’s worth noting that after filing one complaint online, there’s a typical wait time of 24-48 hours before you can file another.

3. Via Helpline Number

You can also register your complaint through the numbers. When the customer representative attends your call make sure to provide him with the correct data so they can execute your concern.


  • For those who prefer vocalizing their concerns, Pakistan Post offers a dedicated helpline.
  • Dial either the official Telephone number: 051-8840360 or UAN: 051-111-111-117.

Complaint ID Tracking

Regardless of your method of complaint registration, tracking its progress is straightforward. Use the trace ID on the tracking system, and you can receive real-time updates on the status of your complaint.


While everyone wishes for smooth and timely mail services, the reality is that occasional hiccups can occur. But with the above procedures in place, you can rest assured that Pakistan Post is committed to addressing and resolving any issues that arise. When you understand how the Pakistan Post Complaint Tracking works, you can use it to resolve the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it usually take to resolve a complaint?

Response times can vary based on the nature of the complaint. However, most issues are typically addressed within 3-5 business days.

Can I escalate my complaint if it’s not addressed promptly?

Yes, if your concern isn’t resolved to your satisfaction, you can escalate it to higher authorities within Pakistan Post.

Can I lodge a complaint for international parcels sent or received via Post?

Yes, Pakistan Post accepts complaints for both domestic and international parcels. However, resolution times may vary for international parcels due to coordination with foreign postal services.

What should I do if I lose my complaint tracking number?

If you misplace your complaint tracking number, it’s advisable to contact the Post helpline or visit the post office where the complaint was lodged. Provide them with the necessary details like the date of complaint and nature of the issue, and they might be able to retrieve your tracking number.

Is there a dedicated portal or mobile application to monitor the progress of my lodged complaint?

Currently, you can track the progress of your complaint through the official Pakistan Post Complaints portal. While there isn’t a dedicated mobile application as of the last update, it’s always beneficial to check the official website or contact customer service for any new developments or services.


  1. Name- Samiullah
    S/O Gulafzal
    Pakistan post office department
    Today is 23 days since my shipment was sent to the Czech Republic. After entering the tracking number, it always just shows that it was delivered in Karachi internarional Imo letter post office and the shipment is heading to the destination country.
    Even the Czech Republic did not give me any other information, except that the shipment is on its way .
    I am hereby asking you to find out where my shipment is because it contains important documents
    Find out where the shipment is located?
    And they didn’t respond me where is my ducment???

    1. Hi Smaiullah,

      The latest update of your parcel is show on 21 March is, 12:50 PM is:

      KARACHI INTERNATIONAL MAIL OFFICE (IMO Letter) Handed over to airline flight no:QR 0605 / QR 0291, Destination CZPRGA

      If you further need help then, call at the customer line: +420 210 123 456


  2. I want to ask what is happening with my mail shipment number RB086509036Pk? It has been a fortnight since I sent the parcel and my parcel is still in Karachi city.
    I want to know the reason, the shipment has not been sent to the destination yet?!

    1. The status is not being updated since 21 March. Kindly contact at the helpline numbers or reach out to the destination receiver. Thanks.

      1. My very important documents which I sent 25 days ago to Czech republic by Pakistan Post office but its only last update is 21st March after that no trace no update plz tell me where is my documents it is very important Is.
        Tracking No. RB086509036PK

  3. Mene ye parcel send kiya 19 feb ko PAR04753688 na hi 21 feb ke baad se status update kr rhy han burewala send kiya from wah cantt. Na hi inke contact numbers working me han.

  4. السلام علیکم
    Mera prcel 2 din sy Islamabad pohnch chuka hy but aagy deliver nhi kia gia why
    Tracking number is PAR11145809

  5. Muhammad mukhtar says:

    Mera parcel 06 02 2024 karachi se multan bheja hai leakin abi kuch update nahi
    Tracking I’d [CP410131103AE)

  6. Hi Sir
    How are you
    Hope you will be better my name is Idrees Qamar from Pakistan I have complained on Post office deliver I have send a university documents to Uzbkistan but tell to know the origin is showing to me it’s Pakistan so kindly send me my documents back or send it to my origin but post officer didn’t give me good response

  7. Abdullah ishfaq says:

    Mera 23.11.2023 ko sailkot sy tehsil mang district sudhnoti azad kashmir ky lia book hwa tha Jo abi tak recieve nahi hwa parsel ka tracking id number
    PAR18490726 hai .

      1. Abdul Qayyum says:

        I’ve order an item from Aliexpress on 30 march but still I hadn’t received my parcel on 16 April they showed that parcel is on destination. on 21 they showed that person is Unconctable and new attempt of delivery is created on 25 April on 01 PM they showed its delivered but I’ve not recieved any parcel till now.

        1. Hi Abdul Qayyum, Kindly check your AliExpress order page to get latest insights of your order. Plus, don’t share your tracking number publicly on the comments section.

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