Pakistan post air parcel tracking

Pakistan Post Air Parcel Tracking: Hassle-free Way to Track

Many users are confused when it comes to airmail service. It is the service for sending parcels to international destinations such as Zone A, B, or C. So here in this post, I’m going to describe how to perform the Pakistan Post Air Parcel Tracking process in a quite simple manner.

What is an Air Parcel?

In Post, Air Parcel is a shipping service that allows you to send packages internationally by air. This service is particularly useful for individuals and businesses who need to deliver items overseas fast and securely. Meanwhile, it is available for both documents and non-documents, and parcels can be sent to a range of destinations around the globe.

Why Air Parcel Tracking is Crucial?

Air parcel services offer speedier deliveries compared to land or sea mail, especially for international shipments. Whether you are a business owner ensuring that your products reach customers on time or an individual awaiting a package from abroad, tracking provides transparency, security, and peace of mind. It reduces anxieties about lost packages and offers real-time insight into the parcel’s journey, right from dispatch to its final destination.

Tracking Air Parcel

To track your parcels, you’ll need to follow the below steps in sequence:

  1. Access the Tracking Portal: Start by visiting the official website.
  2. Enter the Tracking Number: Every air parcel is assigned a unique tracking number when it’s dispatched. Enter this number in the designated tracking section.
  3. Get Real-time Updates: Upon entering the tracking number, you’ll be provided with real-time updates about your package. This can range from ‘dispatched from origin’ to ‘out for delivery’ and finally ‘delivered.’
  4. Additional Information: The tracking system also provides other essential details such as the date and time of each status update, any delays or issues with the parcel, and expected delivery dates.

Last Words 

All in all, the Pakistan Post Air Parcel Tracking system is a blend of traditional postal services with modern technological advancements. Nowadays, people expect their packages to arrive fast and without any problems. Being able to track your air parcels easily shows that the postal service really cares about doing a good job and making sure customers are happy. So, whenever you send or wait for a package through air mail, remember that you can quickly check where it is with just a few clicks.

Note: If you are facing any issues while tracking or observing delays. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the customer support team for assistance. Or lodge a complaint and let Pakistan Post handle your international shipments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the unique tracking number, and where can I find it?

The unique tracking number is a code assigned to every air parcel when it’s dispatched through Pakistan Post. It allows for easy and precise tracking of the package. You can find this number on the receipt provided by Pakistan Post when you send a parcel, or it will be shared with you by the sender if you’re the recipient.

How often is the tracking information updated on the Pakistan Post website?

The tracking information is updated in real-time as and when the package progresses through various stages of delivery. However, there might be occasional delays based on operational factors, but typically, major milestones like ‘dispatched,’ ‘in-transit,’ ‘out for delivery,’ and ‘delivered’ are promptly updated.

I entered my tracking number, but it says ‘No Information Available.’ What does this mean?

This could mean that the parcel is yet to be scanned into the system or there might be a slight delay in updating the system. It’s advisable to wait for a few hours and check again. If the issue persists, contact Pakistan Post customer service for assistance.

Can I track multiple air parcels at once?

Depending on the tracking tool provided by Pakistan Post, some postal tracking systems allow for tracking multiple parcels simultaneously by entering all the tracking numbers separated by commas. However, always refer to the official website for specific instructions.

What should I do if my parcel is marked ‘delivered’ but I haven’t received it?

Firstly, check with family members or neighbors to ensure they didn’t receive it on your behalf. Sometimes parcels are left in a secure location. If you still can’t locate the parcel, it’s crucial to contact Pakistan Post customer service immediately to report the discrepancy and seek assistance.

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