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Pakistan Post Delivery Time | COD, UMS, EMS, & Registered Mail

When it comes to sending and receiving parcels and packages. One of the most essential elements is the delivery time. Since National Post deals in a wide range of services locally as well as internationally. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Pakistan Post Delivery Time for different services.

Pakistan Post Delivery Time – Service Wise

Each service has its own expected time. Yet, it’s important to note that these are estimates and can vary depending on a number of factors, including the distance between the sender and recipient, the volume of mail being processed, and any customs or security checks that may be required.

So let’s find out for each service one by one:

  • Registered Mail

Registered Mail is a popular service with additional security and tracking options for their mail. The time can be typically up to 2-3 days within the green border range.

UMS is a premium delivery service that guarantees delivery within 1-2 days. This service is ideal for urgent mail or packages that are meant to be delivered quickly.

  • COD

Cash on Delivery, or COD, is popular among small online businesses and entrepreneurs. It allows customers to pay for their purchase when they receive it. For instance, it may take up to 2-3 to reach its final destination.

For mail and packages being delivered within the same city, the delivery time is typically 1 day for Regular Mail and COD services. For Registered Mail and UMS services, the delivery time is also 1 day.


Delivery Time

Regular Mail

2-3 days
Registered Mail

2-3 days


2-3 days

1-2 days

Same Day

1 Day

For those who need to send or receive mail or packages internationally. The delivery times for these services vary depending on the destination country zones and the level of service chosen. As a general policy, it may take from a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 14 to 30 days for far borders.


Delivery Time
International Mail

7-14 days

International Express Mail Service (EMS)

3-7 days

Last Words

I hope now you understand how delivery time works in our national postal service and utilize their benefits. Did you get your parcel on time or was it late?

Let me know about your experience in the comment section below. I’m excited to hear it.


How to Check Delivery Time of Registry by Pakistan Post?

To check the delivery time of registered mail. You can simply enter the tracking number at and trace it with the most recently uploaded information there.

Can I receive letters via Pakistan Post on the same day?

Absolutely! Pakistan Post offers a “Same Day Delivery” service. This means recipients can potentially get their mail within a mere 24-hour window. However, it’s important to highlight that this expedited service is primarily available for intra-city deliveries.

So, if both the sender and receiver are located within the same city, availing of this service is a feasible option. Always check with your local Pakistan Post branch to confirm the availability and terms of this service.

What if my registered mail hasn’t been delivered within the expected timeframe?

If your registered mail hasn’t arrived within the anticipated delivery window, don’t panic. Several factors might contribute to delivery delays, such as unforeseen logistical challenges, public holidays, or severe weather conditions.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Recheck the Tracking Status: Before taking any further action, revisit the `` website and re-enter your tracking number to see if there have been any new updates since your last check.
  2. Contact the Dispatching Office: Approach the Pakistan Post branch from where the mail was sent. They might have more detailed information or insights into potential reasons for the delay.
  3. Reach Out to the Receiving Office: If you’re aware of the destination branch (especially for intra-city mail), you can contact them to ascertain if they have any information about the mail’s whereabouts.
  4. Customer Service: Pakistan Post has a dedicated customer service helpline to assist with queries. If the above steps don’t provide clarity, consider calling them and providing your tracking number for more specific assistance.


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