Pakistan Post UPU Ranking

Pakistan Post UPU Ranking Shows Remarkable Progress

Webdesk, Pakistan – In a noteworthy development showcasing its consistent commitment to service enhancement, Pakistan Post has advanced in the much-esteemed World Postal Ranking by the Universal Postal Union U. This noteworthy progression has positioned Pakistan Post at the commendable 55th spot out of a competitive lineup of 162 countries in the year 2022.

The Universal Postal Union, an esteemed specialized entity of the United Nations, meticulously assesses countries based on the International Ranking of the Postal Sector. This evaluation pays keen attention to four pivotal and strategically important areas:

  1. Reliability: This metric measures the timely, consistent, and dependable delivery of mail and packages, offering users an assurance of the postal service’s commitment.
  2. Reach: Evaluating the expansive coverage of the service, especially its penetration into remote, underserved, and lesser-served localities, ensuring that every citizen gets access to the service.
  3. Relevance: A significant area that examines the postal service’s ability to adjust and adapt to contemporary, evolving needs by introducing new-age services, digital solutions, and innovative offerings.
  4. Resilience: A testament to the robustness of the postal system, this measures its ability to maintain and restore services amidst unexpected challenges, be they natural, political, or economic.

The advancement in the UPU ranking is not just a numerical gain; it mirrors Pakistan Post’s unwavering dedication to refining its operations, benchmarking against global best practices, and striving for excellence in every service facet.

Such improvements, tangible in all four mentioned areas, play a pivotal role in building and solidifying trust among its diverse user base.

Moreover, it sends a positive signal to international partners about the competency and capacity of the postal system.

An improved position in the UPU rankings doesn’t just serve as a badge of honor. It opens doors to foster deeper international collaborations, thereby paving the way for a plethora of global opportunities and partnerships for Pakistan Post.

Witnessing this evident progress, stakeholders, ranging from businesses to everyday users, are filled with anticipation. They look forward to even more consistent and broad-ranged enhancements from Pakistan Post, with the aspiration that it will meet and even surpass international standards and benchmarks in the near future.

About UPU

Established in 1874, the Universal Postal Union stands as a beacon in the postal sector. It acts as a central platform promoting cooperation among postal sector players from across the globe.

Its primary aim is to ensure a cohesive, efficient, and universally accessible network of products and services, thus championing the cause of global communication and trade.

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