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Pakistan Post Tracking App | Features, FAQs & Download

Are you tired of constantly tracking your shipments and packages through tedious and time-consuming methods? Waive them off and switch to the Pakistan Post Tracking App. It’s an all-in-one solution for tracking your packages and getting the latest delivery status.

With the rapid growth of e-commerce and online shopping trends in Pakistan, delivery services now become more vital than ever before. Therefore, the national postal service is being recognized for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. But it doesn’t mean that they compromise on their development process.

Whether it’s technological implementations of systems or employee grooming. They’re working day and night to set high standards and stand out in the industry.

Features of Track and Trace App – Pakistan Post Tracking App

Recently the app crossed 100K+ Downloads on the Play Store offering a range of features. So. Let’s find out all the benefits of this App, and how it can help you. Here are the 10 features of the App that make it the ultimate shipping companion:

1. Tracking

With this feature, customers can stay updated on the status of their shipment in real time. The app offers multiple tracking options to ensure that customers are always aware of their package’s whereabouts of the service they choose.

2. Register Complaints

Customers can directly access customer support through this feature. The app also provides messaging and calling options, making it easier for customers to raise their concerns and resolve issues.

3. Express Services

Since Post offers expedited shipping options through the app’s Express Services feature. This ensures that customers can select the best appropriate service as per their requirements.

4. Get Tariffs

The app’s Tariff feature provides domestic and international shipping rates, making it easier for customers to calculate the cost of their shipment. Also, you can perform instant postage calculations for an estimation.

5. Postcodes

This feature provides customers with the correct postcodes for their destinations. Also, it helps them to ensure that shipments don’t go to the wrong address and to minimize the risk of delays or lost packages.

6. Locate Post Office

Want to locate nearby post offices and branches? Then open the app and try it. Make sure to enable the current location to get the most accurate location.

7. Pickup Service

Some parcels need the pickup service. Thanks to Post for this service through the app. It allows customers to schedule a pickup for their shipments, and stay away from the hassle of going to the Post office.

8. Post Shop

It allows customers to purchase postage stamps and other postal products. This also eliminates the need for consumers to visit a physical post office.

9. Rent Houses

Businesses need spaces to hold their cargo for some time. Yet with the rent houses feature one can book the specified area for a short time period.

10. Foreign Remittance

Those who want to receive foreign remittances can go for it. It allows local residents to receive money internationally under Western Union and other channels.

Last Words

All in all, from tracking shipments in real-time to accessing customer support. Also getting funds from abroad, the Pakistan Post Tracking App offers the best shipping solution.


Is this app available for iOS?

Currently, only the Android version is available for users. We hope that for iOS they’ll release the app.

What to do if the app is not tracking my parcel?

If the app is not extracting the shipment details you can use to directly get the package’s update.

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